New Jersey: You can save many lives with this proposal!

We have a very real opportunity between now and the end of June to make another dent in New Jersey's tobacco use rate. As we all know, the very best way to reduce tobacco use is to increase price, and a proposal in the legislature would do just that. Even better, this bill (S1867) would allocate $11 million for cessation and prevention programs AND another $11 million for other health programs.

None of these new allocations would harm other programs. This would all be new revenue raised by an increase in the tobacco tax! This legislation also plays fairly, taxing all tobacco products equally, including electronic cigarettes and most cigars.

To recap, this legislation will:

- Reduce tobacco use, saving lives;
- Fund tobacco prevention, cessation and other health programs; and
- Not harm other programs nor draw any current funds from state coffers.

Tell your elected officials to support S1867.