Current Actions

  • West Virginians - Tell state legislators not to roll back smoking restrictions.

    Legislation has been introduced in the West Virginia House of Delegates that would roll back existing indoor smoking restrictions. Contact your House members today and express your opposition!

  • Thank Gov. Brownback for Taking Action to Create a Healthier Kansas

    Governor Brownback has proposed a $1.50 cigarette tax increase in his budget. An increase in the cigarette tax not only provides needed revenue for the state, it is a proven way to save lives.

    If approved, this would save 14,900 Kansans from premature death due to smoking and prevent more than 25,000 kids from starting to smoke.

    Send a letter to Gov. Brownback thanking him for taking action to create a healthier Kansas.

  • NOLA goes smoke-free! Say thanks to City Council.

    The New Orleans City Council has made all indoor public places smoke-free! Send them a letter saying thanks for protecting everyone's right to breathe clean air!

    Make sure to customize your letter to reflect your personal reasons for suppoting a smoke-free NOLA. 

  • President Obama: Regulate All Tobacco Products by April 2015

    Right now, the FDA regulates cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco to prevent kids from using them and protect public health. But other products, including e-cigarettes and cigars, are exempt. The FDA must close this gap to stop tobacco companies from targeting our kids with a new generation of unregulated tobacco products.

    We need the FDA to protect our kids from ALL tobacco products. You can help by signing our petition to President Obama urging his Administration to issue a final rule to regulate all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and cigars.

    Help us send a strong message to President Obama today!

  • Demand smoke-free air for all Texans!

    With your help, we can ensure all Texans are protected from the danger of secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace.


    Yes, I support a comprehensive statewide smoke-free indoor workplace law that will eliminate smoking in indoor public places including restaurants, bars and other workplaces. I would like to get involved in the Smoke-Free Texas effort.


    We all know that for decades the tobacco companies claimed that secondhand smoke was perfectly safe to breathe. Now they're making the same claims about e-cigarette vapor. New Yorkers are not going to be used as guinea pigs!

    In New York, we don't want e-cigarettes used in public places where cigarettes are prohibited. We don't want e-cigarette vapor intruding on our personal space.

    STAND UP NEW YORK: Tell your representatives to include e-cigarettes in New York's Clean Indoor Air law:

  • DC Residents: Tell the Council no special treatment for cigars!

    Contrary to what cigar lobbyists are saying behind closed doors:

    - Cigars ARE tobacco products;
    - Cigars ARE bad for you; and
    - Cigars ARE being sold at a low price and in a variety of flavors that attract kids.

    Please take just a minute to contact your councilmember and tell them: NO special treatment for cigar products.

  • Natl-CigarAmendment-060914

    Cigar manufacturers are once again asking Congress for special treatment so that they can continue to make their products without any oversight or regulation whatsoever.Contrary to what their lobbyists are saying behind closed doors:

    - Cigars ARE tobacco products;
    - Cigars ARE bad for you; and
    - Cigars ARE being sold at a low price and in a variety of flavors that attract kids.

    Don't let them fool Congress: Tell your representative "No Cigar" on special treatment for cigar products!

  • Rhode Islanders: Prohibit sale of e-cigs to minors!

    Big Tobacco and the E-Cigarette Industry have removed all regulatory language from House Bill 7021. They have created a regulatory loophole for e-cigarettes so sellers would be exempt from tobacco retail licensing, inspections and penalties for selling e-cigarettes to minors!

    Tell legislators to VOTE NO on H7021!

  • North Carolina: Make sure e-cigs remain classified as "tobacco products"

    HB 1050, titled Omnibus Tax Law Changes, was introduced Wednesday and approved by the House Finance Committee on Thursday. Buried in this large bill is a provision to tax electronic cigarettes at a VERY low rate and define electronic cigarettes as "vapor products" instead of as "tobacco products," as the FDA intends to regulate these products.

    Creating a separate definition for e-cigarettes as "vapor products" that is separate from the definition of "tobacco products" will create confusion and allow for the easy exemption of electronic cigarettes from existing laws governing "tobacco products." The tobacco lobby and their alies in the House are trying to sneak this right through without anyone noticing. Don't let them get away with it!

  • Ohioans: Urge your representatives to support a $1 tobacco tax increase

    17,700. That’s the number of lives claimed by tobacco use in Ohio each year. Ohio lawmakers have the opportunity to reduce this number by increasing the tax on cigarettes by $1 and using a portion of the tax increase to fund proven prevention and cessation programs.  Not only would this save lives, but it’s also a popular solution.

  • Marylanders: Urge your candidates to sign the Healthy Maryland Initiative Candidate Resolution

    Over the past decade, Maryland's smoking rate has declined by 32%, double the national average, saving over 70,000 people from preventable tobacco caused deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in health care costs, in large part as a result of three tobacco tax increases!

    Let's deal another major blow to the death and disease caused by tobacco. Let's get as many legislators as possible to pledge their support now. We need to know where they stand before we go to the polls this November and before this comes up next year in the legislative session.

    Ask your incumbent legislators to sign the Healthy Maryland Initiative Candidate Resolution.

  • Kentuckians: Tell the legislature "Thanks for NOTHING"

    The 2014 General Assembly wraps up this week and our elected officials did NOTHING to ensure all Kentuckians the right to breathe smoke-free air. Even though smoke-free air is good for both health and business, legislators failed to act. Actually, it's not just failure, it's neglect!

    Send your legislator a message today telling them "thanks for nothing!"

  • Rhode Islanders: Prohibit sale of e-cigs to minors!

    The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing this Wednesday, March 26, on a bill (H7021) that will prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

    We strongly support this measure for the following reasons:

    • E-cigarettes are an unregulated product and their popularity is exploding among teens
    • The majority of e-cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance
    • The FDA has announced its intention to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products
    • H7021 will require vendors to obtain tobacco retail licenses ($25) and will enable law enforcement to do compliance check

    Please urge the members of the House Judiciary Committee to support H7021, legislation that will prohibit sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

  • Florida: Maintain local control and protect kids from e-cigarettes

    Why House Bill 169 is BAD for Florida:

    House Bill 169 would prevent local communities like yours from passing any stronger laws to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and other e-products than those contained in the bill. Language in House Bill 169 could even be interpreted to prevent local communities from passing stronger laws to regulate the sale of traditional tobacco products!

    Local control is in jeopardy:

    Floridians have been active in addressing e-cigarettes in their own communities. This type of preemption of local governments is a well known tactic of the tobacco industry to stall any chance of stronger laws ever becoming reality.

    You can help by sending a message to your House member urging a "NO" vote on House Bill 169 below.

  • Suffolk County Residents: Take 2 minutes to reduce youth smoking!

    More than 9 in 10 smokers start before they turn 21. Raising the age of purchase to 21 can prevent a new generation of children from becoming addicted smokers! Help us pass IR 1039-2014, a local law to raise the age for the sale of tobacco products in Suffolk County.

    Write to members of the Suffolk County Legislature today.

  • Paris, TX Residents: Make Paris workplaces smoke-free!

     Contact Paris city officials today - ask them to pass a smoke-free law that covers all workplaces!

  • Alabamans: Don't let them leave behind thousands of workers!

    There are two types of smoke-free legislation. The type that protects the largest amount of people from secondhand smoke...and the type that doesnt. Sadly, legislation currently moving forward in the State House (Senate Bill 168) doesn't go nearly far enough, leaving many workers unprotected. We need your help to stop this bill in its tracks!

  • Kentuckians: Urge your representative and senator to make all workplaces smoke-free

    Please send a message to your representative and senator, asking them to make all indoor workplaces in Kentucky smoke-free in 2015. It’s time that Kentucky joined the 24 other states that have smoke-free laws covering all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. 

  • Washington: Fund tobacco prevention!

    Washington will receive an additional $10.5 million (think of it as a bonus) from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement this year. This is our chance to re-establish and fund tobacco prevention in Washington.

    Money from the Master Settlement Agreement was intended to help fund prevention programs, but currently not one penny is being used to educate Washington’s youth about the dangers of tobacco. We need your help to change that.

  • MAINE RESIDENTS: Tell Your Senator to Override Veto of LD386

    Smoking rates among Medicaid members (MaineCare) are more than double that of the rest of the population, and among tobacco users who have never used any cessation products, cost is the most frequently cited reason. This is especially true of the Medicaid population. To get the smoking rate down, we need to make sure that anyone wanting to quit has barrier-free access to proven cessation treatments.

    The bill now heads to the Senate where it needs to earn 2/3 of the members present to complete the veto override.

    Please write to your state senator today and ask that they vote to override the Governor's Veto of this important quit-smoking benefit.

  • Pledge Your Support For Our Three Goals

    On this historic anniversary of the first Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health, we call for bold action by all levels of government to achieve three goals.

  • Kentuckians: Urge your legislators to support smoke-free workplaces in 2014

    Many of our legislators have said they support a Smoke-Free Kentucky, but they don’t feel they have the support at home in their districts.  Their perception is that this is a tough issue for them politically. The reality is – a majority of Kentucky voters from both parties support making all indoor workplaces smoke-free!
    Please send an email to your legislators asking them to make all indoor workplaces in Kentucky smoke-free in the 2014 legislative session.  It’s time that Kentucky joined the 24 other states that have smoke-free laws covering all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. 

  • (No Title)

    Protect Oregon Kids

    Thank you for taking a moment to ask your legislators to stop promising and start acting. Below, you can urge Oregon legislators take action to improve the health of Oregonians and use tobacco settlement money to protect kids from tobacco.

  • North Carolina: Preserve local smoke-free air laws

    North Carolina's legislature has proposed a bill that would invalidate our current outdoor smoke-free air policies, including smoke-free parks and community college campuses. Tell your legislator to keep these areas smoke-free and allow communities to decide on their own smoke-free air restrictions. 

  • Vermonters: 80 Cents Will Save Lives!

    Ask your senator to support an 80 cent increase in the cigarette tax to prevent 1,900 youth from smoking.

    An 80-cent increase would:

        •    $11.82 million in new annual revenue
        •    1,900 kids prevented from smoking
        •    1,900 adults would quit
        •    $71.62 million in long term health care savings

  • Connecticut: Save our kids

    4,300 kids become daily smokers in CT each year.  4,300 kids.  It’s a scary number that leads to even scarier disease and death. But the good news is that we have a proven solution.  Kids are particularly susceptible to price increases. Raising the state cigarette tax by just 95 cents will bring us in line with neighboring states like New York and help prevent kids from a lifetime of addiction.  But we need your help. We know the best way to get elected officials to move on an issue is for them to hear from constituents like you. 

  • Indiana: Restore funding for tobacco prevention and cessation

    The Senate's budget was amended to reduce funding for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation program even further. The budget bill is going to be heard in conference committee, so take action now to ask your Senator and Representatives to fund tobacco prevention and control at $8 million.

  • Rhode Island: Raising the tobacco tax is a win, win, win!

     The General Assembly is currently considering a proposal to raise the state's excise on tobacco tax by 90 cents.  This proposal is a win-win-win for the people of Rhode Island.  Act now to ask your legislators to support this important proposal. 

  • (No Title)

    New York City is considering new legislation to build on the tremendous progress the city has made in reducing smoking, especially among kids. These bills would crack down on cheap cigarettes that entice kids and raise the legal sale age to purchase tobacco products. Help us protect New York City kids!

    Tell your council member to support these new initiatives to prohibit tobacco discounts and increase the legal sale age. They’ll help reduce NYC's smoking rates even further.

    Sensible Tobacco Enforcement Bill

    • Increases penalties for retailers who evade tobacco taxes or sell tobacco without a license.
    • Prohibits retailers from redeeming coupons or honoring other price discounts for tobacco products.
    • Creates a minimum price for cigarettes and little cigars, which are virtually identical to cigarettes, at $10.50 per pack.
    • Requires that cheap cigars and cigarillos be sold in packages of at least 4, and little cigars be sold in packages of at least 20. Cigars that cost more than $3 each are exempt from the packaging rule.

    Raising the Age to 21 Bill

    • Raises the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products to 21 in New York City.

    • Tobacco use remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. and in NYC.

    • 20,000 public high school students currently smoke in NYC. 

  • Indiana: Restore funding for tobacco prevention and cessation

    The Senate has introduced their budget, which reduces funding for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation program to $4.05 million. The House also has proposed a reduction in funding for the program from $8 million to $5 million.  This news is very disappointing.  Please take action to urge your legislators to continue level funding the program.

  • Washington: Our last chance to save tobacco prevention funding

    Our state senate released a budget with ZERO DOLLARS allocated to prevention funding. The House is voting on the budget within the next few days. Urge your representatives to include tobacco prevention funding in the House budget.

  • Colorado: It's Time to Protect Prevention Funding

    A bill that will strengthen tobacco prevention efforts in the state of Colorado needs your attention. Help us improve programs designed to reduce youth smoking and help current smokers quit. SB 185 is a proposal that will better spend tobacco prevention funding.

  • West Virginia: Raise the tobacco tax!

    West Virginia is facing a significant budget shortfall. We can help remedy our budget issues by increasing our tobacco tax, which is one of the lowest in the country, at 55 cents per pack.

    Raising the cigarette tax by $1 as well as the tax on other tobacco products (like smokeless tobacco) will help West Virginia with its budget issues, keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit.

    Contact your legislators today!

  • North Carolina: Restore funding to the tobacco control program!

    Governor McCrory is currently working on his budget proposal--we must urge him to restore the $17.3 million budget for tobacco control activities.

    We receive $140 million in tobacco settlement money, but not one dime is used to fund programs that keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit.

    Urge your legislators and the Governor to restore funding to the tobacco control program today!

  • Montanans: Your Tobacco Use Prevention Program is (almost) back!

    Thanks to actions by the Joint Appropriations Subcommittee, the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program is (almost) back!

    After being completely defunded last year, the appropriations committee has restored funding. This is a great first step forward to keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit – let's show them some love!

  • Indiana: Tell your legislators to continue funding the prevention program!

    The amended budget distributed Friday by the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee slashes funding for tobacco prevention and cessation from $8 million to $5 million.

    Studies show that smoking costs Indiana approximately $2.08 billion in health care costs every year and an additional $2.62 billion in lost worker productivity every year. The $8 million to fund our state program is really not much to ask for!

    Urge your legislators to continue investing in our tobacco control program.

  • Kentucky Advocates: Vote YES: HB 190

    HB 190 (Smoke-Free Kentucky)  passed the House Health and Welfare Committee overwhelmingly, now it's days away from the full House floor for a vote. Tell your representative to support this bill that would make all of Kentucky's workplaces smoke-free.

  • Kentucky Advocates: It's time for smoke-free air!

    Kentuckians are exposed to secondhand smoke regularly in their workplaces. Let's protect all Kentucky workers with a comprehensive smoke-free workplace law.

  • New Yorkers: Budget is on the chopping block

    Governor Cuomo's new budget proposal cuts funding across the board and will have dozens of public health programs vying for the same reduced level of funding. This will result in a cut of at least 10% to the tobacco prevention program and it's effective ad campaigns, quitlines and community-based cessation services.
    Urge your legislators to protect the health of kids and protect funding for the tobacco control program.  With more than $2 billion of revenue that New York receives from cigarette taxes (and less than 2% of it going to programs to keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit), New York should be doing more, not less!

  • Weezer: You just became a part of the problem!

    On January 8th, Weezer (a popular American band) performed at a tobacco-industry sponsored concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tobacco-sponsored concerts are outlawed in the U.S. and most nations because tobacco use remains the #1 cause or preventable death around the world. In fact, tobacco use is projected to take the lives of 1 billion people this century.

    And Weezer just became part of the problem.

    Please write to the band today ask them to pledge to never again play a tobacco-sponsored concert again.

  • (No Title)

    New York City is considering two pieces of legislation to build on the tremendous progress the city has made in reducing smoking, especially among kids. These bills would crack down on cheap cigarettes and stores displays of tobacco products that entice kids. Help us protect New York City kids!

  • Texas Advocates: Tell your lawmaker you want smoke-free air!

    Contact your lawmaker and let them know that you support a comprehensive indoor smoke-free workplace law for Texas.