Tobacco Control Works

The New York State Tobacco Control Program has been proven effective in preventing kids from smoking and encouraging adults to quit. In fact, the rates of adult and teen smoking in New York have fallen at a faster rate than the United States as a whole.

But there is still much to be done...

  • 25,500 New York smokers die annually.
  • Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer, which is the number one cancer killer of both men and women in New York State.
  • Annual health care costs in NYS caused by smoking exceed $8 billion including $5.4 billion in Medicaid costs.

We must fund New York's Tobacco Control Program!

New Yorkers: Budget is on the chopping block

Governor Cuomo's new budget proposal cuts funding across the board and will have dozens of public health programs vying for the same reduced level of funding. This will result in a cut of at least 10% to the tobacco prevention program and it's effective ad campaigns, quitlines and community-based cessation services.
Urge your legislators to protect the health of kids and protect funding for the tobacco control program.  With more than $2 billion of revenue that New York receives from cigarette taxes (and less than 2% of it going to programs to keep kids from smoking and help smokers quit), New York should be doing more, not less!